3 Months
certification course

The high life and the thrill of flying 30 thousand feet are what you get when you think about cabin crew or an air hostess profession. These sure are the primary focus for you to join the air hostess training academy but do you know there are many perks and benefits as well. If you are still wondering about it then it is time to find out more.

Travel- The biggest advantage that you get after joining in the cabin crew for any airlines is that you get to fly a lot. Travelling becomes your life and who knows you may get a chance to see the world. It all depends upon where you land employment, a domestic or an international flight.

Chance Encounter- It is quite possible that you may get to meet famous personalities while on- board. This is due to the fact that most of the time famous personalities are travelling by air. You can meet famous people from several professions like media, film stars, business tycoons, politicians, sports personalities, models and celebrities from around the world. Think about your chances to meet one on your flight where you get to meet them up close while other people wish to get their one glance.

Luxurious Accommodation- For sure some airlines offer their staff a stay in five-star hotels, especially with international airlines. Air hostesses and pilots get to have a feel of high-class comforts. You will be almost treated like a VIP with beautiful and comfortable rooms equipped with latest facilities. What more, these facilities are provided free of cost to the crew members.

Pick and Drop- With your busy schedule and erratic working hours, you will always be provided with pick and drop facility. This facility is door to door and even from hotels to and forth to the airport. Now you need not worry about hailing a personal cab or wasting your time finding one. Moreover, this facility is given to matching your duty hours and the driver is responsible for picking you up at the right time from the appointed pick point. Even in the case of an emergency flight, you need not worry, as you the driver will come to the designated location to pick you up whether from your hotel or your place.

Parties- The crew members enjoy parties when they are not working. You get invitations to airlines events and functions. Often these are grand celebrations that will leave you awestruck. Additionally, refreshment parties are often organised by the airlines that take care of their staff to relieve them of the duty stress. Often you will find it the best way to unwind after a hectic schedule that will be a welcome surprise.


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